Nolan and Pati

Nolan and Pati

“To decide to tear down the house that you have lived in and raised a family for 25 years is an emotional, expensive and time-consuming decision to make. We had always thought that when our children were out and settled that we would sell our home on Lake Virginia and move into something more updated that would fit our needs as a twosome. Little did we know that our daughter would marry and move back into our neighborhood. After our first grandchild arrived, we knew that we would never want to be more than a block away. So after many heart-to-hearts… we decided to go for it and get what we wanted and stay where we were.

After meeting Victor Farina and his team at the Parade of Homes, we knew that we had found the builder that would take us there. Victor led us in the right direction to hire our architect and interior designer to create our plan. From start to finish, and now six years into this home, there have been no negatives. There was always a supervisor on the job before everyone arrived and until everyone left the project. All of the subcontractors that were of Farina’s choosing were of the highest quality, and their work was something they were proud of. If ever we need anything these are the companies that we call. In fact, if we have any questions at all, Victor’s office handles it immediately. We give our 110% vote of appreciation to Victor Farina and the home that he built for us.”

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