Jeff & Tracey

Jeff & Tracey

“As big and busy as the world continues to get, one thing remains the same. People, with their time and talents, caring and kindness can make a difference. The caring and kind hands of teams of people, all lead by Victor Farina, day by day, year after year recreated and put back together a piece of history. Our home exemplifies the beauty of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and re-purposing of incredible 100-year-old materials.

Our intention when we purchased this property was to preserve and update a home that had been neglected over the years. A lot of time, effort and planning with our architect Bill Childs and Victor was spent creating the vision. What we didn’t bargain for was the call we received once the project began, letting us know the house was structurally unsound and we would have to virtually rebuild the entire home.

When I look back, from the day of that call, one thing stood out to me. Victor in his reassuring voice, let us know he was here for us. Together, we began a journey that took over 2 years. Over the period of the project, that kind consistency never wavered.
Through all the setbacks, ups and downs, Victor and his team steadily guided the rebuild of this special piece of history, all while caring and protecting our very special tree, Mi-e-taw. At approximately 300 years old, her health was in bad shape from years of incorrect care prior to us purchasing the property. Victor and his team knew how important the care and protection of this tree was to us and he equally cared about saving her.

When we were asked to be involved with the Parade of Homes, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to finally be able to say thank you to every person who used their hands to tirelessly rebuild our home. We are so proud to show that historical preservation is possible. Not every home and tree have to be torn down. With the help of Debbie Antolino and Mindy Day, our interiors reflect the style so carefully crafted of a Florida “cracker” home.

The beauty that was created would not be possible without the framers, painters, roofers, trim, cabinet makers, tile, plumbers, countless meetings, late days, and weekends. A special thank you to Big Dave who moved every brick by hand, Bryan for gently guiding the project, his dad Wayne, Mackenzie, Caron and everyone on Victor’s team. They are the true heroes.

It is a blessing I am thankful for every day to live here. We take pride in caring for this home that Victor has preserved for easily another 100 years. The past stories of all the families who lived here, their memories and ours continue to live on.”

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