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“We can sum it all up in three words. We are thrilled!”

“As an interior designer, I have had the opportunity to work with Victor Farina and the team at Farina and Sons for nearly twenty years, transforming many Central Florida homes into showplaces. So when the time arrived for us to remodel our historic 1920s Spanish home, we had to turn to the expert.   Victor and his team were able to meet the challenge of being able to update and transform our home seamlessly. Our home had been through many renovations and additions over a 90-year period, and it needed someone to bring it all together. Now you really don’t know what was original and what has been added. We can sum it all up in three words. We are thrilled!”

Grant Gribble and Jack Hanson

View Project - 1920s Estate in College Park

“For over 30 years, our family has had the distinct pleasure of working with Victor, Mario, and the Farina team.”

“For over 30 years, our family has had the distinct pleasure of working with Victor, Mario, and the Farina team. The renovations to our first home in College Park, professional office, family lake house, and current residence have been consistently superb! Clearly, we continue to use Farina time and again and have always been pleased beyond measure.  The quality workmanship, experienced expertise, attention to detail, constant communication, and eagerness to please on every level all make for a very satisfying building experience.  We trust Farina & Sons and cannot imagine using any other builder.”

Bruce and SuSu Gordy

View Project - Whole House Renovation & Lake House Retreat

“We couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend Farina & Sons to anyone considering a major renovation project.”

“During the course of construction there were numerous decisions to make. The most important one, we feel, was choosing Farina & Sons as our builder. The professionalism, leadership and planning you exhibited were all indicative of the fine performance of your company. Our renovation was quite complicated to say the least. The quality of workmanship was outstanding. We wish to especially point out the craftsmanship of your employees. They performed a tremendous job not only framing the structure, but also in the finish carpentry work. We couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend Farina & Sons to anyone considering a major renovation project.”

Steven and Lynn High

View Project - Historic Renovation in Delaney Park

“Thanks for a job well done-you and your team are truly pros!”

David McKinney

View Project - Custom Residence in Rose Isle

“Victor Farina and his team were fantastic to work with!”

“How many builders can you call friends after your renovation is completed? Victor Farina and his team were fantastic to work with! When we hired Farina & Sons, we knew we would get quality workmanship and construction on our project. But the personal touch and professional attitude of everyone was a real pleasure, and made living through the renovation as comfortable as possible.  From Victor’s responsiveness to our questions and concerns, to the professionalism of his staff and the timeliness of all the subcontractors, it was a great experience.”

Brad and Denise Saxton

View Project - Kitchen & First Floor Renovation in Rose Isle

“We give our 110% vote of appreciation to Victor Farina and the home that he built for us.”

“To decide to tear down the house that you have lived in and raised a family for 25 years is an emotional, expensive and time-consuming decision to make. We had always thought that when our children were out and settled that we would sell our home on Lake Virginia and move into something more updated that would fit our needs as a twosome. Little did we know that our daughter would marry and move back into our neighborhood. After our first grandchild arrived, we knew that we would never want to be more than a block away. So after many heart-to-hearts … we decided to go for it and get what we wanted and stay where we were.

After meeting Victor Farina and his team at the Parade of Homes, we knew that we had found the builder that would take us there. Victor led us in the right direction to hire our architect and interior designer to create our plan. From start to finish, and now six years into this home, there have been no negatives. There was always a supervisor on the job before everyone arrived and until everyone left the project.  All of the subcontractors that were of Farina’s choosing were of the highest quality, and their work was something they were proud of.   If ever we need anything these are the companies that we call. In fact, if we have any questions at all, Victor’s office handles it immediately. We give our 110% vote of appreciation to Victor Farina and the home that he built for us.”

Nolan and Pati Carter

View Project - Whole Home Renovation in Lake Virginia, Winter Park

“There are too few companies like Farina & Sons.”

“There are too few companies like Farina & Sons – a very sad reality. However, we are very thankful one of the last companies like yours is here in Orlando! We are very proud to be on your list of customers and will recommend you forevermore.”

Tom and Sheryl Moore

“Your vision matched perfectly to what I was trying to accomplish.”

“Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and investment in time while making our dream home come true.  Your vision matched perfectly to what I was trying to accomplish, and the outcome was astonishing.  As you know, it was not an easy decision to choose a contractor that would remodel a 70-year-old home, but one that was so important since it was the old family homestead built by my grandfather in 1940.

Not only was I impressed with the professionalism of Farina & Sons, but the attention to detail was impeccable.  Your team of specialists is second to none.  The home turned out to be everything I could have imagined and even more.  I know that both my grandparents and parents would be proud of what was accomplished.  Not only was I pleased with the outcome of the remodel process, but Farina & Sons has provided excellent customer service even after the project had been completed.  I would highly recommend Farina & Sons to anyone who has a remodel or new home construction need.”

Steve Wall 
View Project - Whole Home Renovation

"Responsive, available and professional. Working with Victor was a pleasure!"

Working with Victor was a pleasure. He was always responsive, available and professional, as was his whole team. I never experienced stress or concerns during the building process because of the total confidence I had in his capable hands. The quality of the workmanship in my home is top notch. I know if I ever had a problem with anything, in my home, I can reach out to Victor and Farina & Sons, and the problem would be satisfactorily resolved.  I completely endorse Victor Farina as your builder selection. He is the best!

Lynn Minkow

View Project - Whole Home Renovation

"Thank you for the quality of your work that stands the test of time."

It has been 20 years since Farina & Sons did a major renovation to our Winter Park home. It was exciting to see the addition of 1,000 sq. ft and a deluxe master bedroom/bath, new front elevation, new flooring, stucco exterior and a new front entrance portico. A modest remodel by your usual standards, even in 1995, but I felt it received the same attention to detail given to your million dollar projects. It was a treat to watch the daily, hands-on craftsmanship that went into my home, often personally supervised and built by your father Mario. He balanced talent and humility as few do nowadays.

Our home won an award in its class. I recognized at the time that award-winning quality costs a little more and for me it was money well spent. My peace of mind from the start was justified in the end as the enduring quality shows. After 20 years the stucco exterior has never needed repair. I have never repainted the exterior, which remains attractive. The tile flooring is excellent with no repairs needed. In short, I have been able to enjoy a beautiful, affordable, stylish home in a great neighborhood, with a minimum of the headaches that plague even new home buyers.

Thank you for the quality of your work that stands the test of time. Any homeowner fortunate to work with you will likely be satisfied for the long haul. I want to offer my freely-given, unsolicited gratitude.

Alan Grieco, Ph.D.

Building Quality Since 1950